We manager some diverse assets. We are also open to partnering with businesses. Currently we have a marketing service provider, a founders community & services provider, our other business services are under development like our investment arm, and our future real estate offering.

MBHVIM Ideal Investment Opportunities / Partners


We seek partnership opportunities with exceptional teams (in marketing, services, b2b, real estate, etc) who have extraordinary capabilities in order to build successful companies.


Our focus is primarily b2b services and founder services. So that may include in SaaS form. A good business model. We seek opportunities with global reach. High growth addressing a market. Commoditization services or easy to imitate does not interest us. Leverage sustainable competitive differentiation, Defensible IP, and/or operational advantages.


We partner with companies across all stages of enterprise value creation from late development and seed through commercialization and growth.


While our investment activities are predominantly focused in North America, we will partner with teams globally on an opportunistic basis.

***You are welcome to message us your well thought out ideas and well thought out plans however we are currently not making any commitment. Maybe when appropriate.

Benefits of Investing

  • Possible Passive Income
  • Possible Recession-Resistant
  • Diversification
  • Possible Significant Tax Benefits
  • Seek Favorable Long-Term Economics
  • Capital Protection
  • Avoid Chasing Markets. Buy Deals.
  • Invest for Cash Flow & Legacy Wealth