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In today’s fast changing world and never stop marketing 24/7, we’ve made every effort to provide solutions that either we work with you to design or develop entirely for your business.

Also, more and more people are constantly bombarded by some form of marketing or sales pitch. Our solutions are not intend to be a part of the bombardment. Our solutions focus on efforts to partner with targets using relevant engagement.

We love what we do that’s why we take on areas we have proven experience in and we keep getting better and adapting.

The ability to aid your success.

Unconventionality is what sets us apart and the fact we have exclusive partnership with the world’s unconventional-fast growing founders community.

Which Means You Get Both Business & Peer Support.


Serve, Engage, and Undo-Ordinary™

The reality, a lot of expertise overlap so here’s what we do and your result.

Facing The Growing Marketing Challenges and Changes

Even in uncertain times, opportunities for growth persist for companies that proactively seek them out and develop them effectively, while keeping a steady hand on cost and efficiency.

  • So many game-changing forces
  • Financial uncertainty
  • Consumer confidence
  • Digital transformation
  • Traffic conversion
  • Marketing ROI and effectiveness
  • Global competition

Don’t face the challenges alone or without a team to help face the challenges. Our community of 20000+ founders and business leaders are open to help as well.

Generating Awareness and Driving Traffic Using Relevant Engagement

Nothing moves in your warehouse or drives traffic to your e-commence store than fighting like crazy to grab people’s attention. And that takes a combination of factors.

  • You desire an increase in volume of interested prospects
  • Not sure which channels you should focus on
  • Using the right social networks
  • Using the right content

Our team of writers, editors, content specialist, social media experts can help develop a customized solution so you can focus on other things.


To view and download pdf version: BJ Mannyst Service Info click download button.

“Amazing things will likely happen when you listen, observe, and analyze the consumer.”

Targeting Effectively

A lot of times startups, companies spend all their time and money chasing the wrong
market target. Never taking the time to see or question the consumers
buying process.

  • Currently today there’s a fast changing customer expectations that’s impacting marketing strategy
  • Consumers are changing their spending habits
  • Increasingly expecting more innovative products or unique product features
  • Have higher expectations for product quality
  • Expecting more value for their money
  • Have higher expectations for customer service

We can assist in fine-tuning your targeting approach so you can be more efficient with your resources.

Social Media Specialist & Community Management

Everyday many businesses wonder how to manage and use social media effectively. And some either don’t get it or don’t have the time.

FYI. there is real value in social media marketing, just knowing how to
convert social engagement into dollars is the objective. It’s great
source of leads and a great testing ground.

  • Not sure how to build, nurture an online community that helps you generate leads?

We currently provide focus for B2B oriented businesses by assisting in
community management based on providing relevant content and material
to your targets and enabling it to achieve objectives.

We are currently working with one of the largest unconventional
founders community in the world so you can generate better leads.

Improving, Measuring and Increasing ROI

Everyday you need to prove that your return on investment is high enough to warrant that extra effort, time, and money

We assist in developing and implementing performance metrics and analytical aids so
that you can evaluate return on marketing investment.

Bootstrap Solutions

Boot Strap Solutions, Strategy Planning, & Full Marketing Solutions. It’s up to you and your team.

Your early stage or growing service organizations is looking to develop or improve its strategy and tactics.

We can help you clarify, prepare & manage the future growth of
your business with our strategic planning and execution services and provide
our business perspective.

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