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If you and your team are out there dreaming of a better future for your startup or your small medium business (SME), The BJM, BJ Mannyst, team highly recommends adopting business analytics. marketing analytics, and digital analytics. You may ask why? The reason is that, it will help you discover opportunities, fix problems, improve and find threats much faster. Plus it may just provide options to aid in overcoming challenges.

Business Analytics as a Service (BAaaS) & Marketing Analytics as a Service (MAaaS) allows small / medium / big businesses to get their (structure and unstructured) data collected, processed and presented to them in the form of actionable insights. Which may have cost a lot more to setup via on premise in-house, if not for cloud computing.

Well it does cost more if you have BIG DATA. . .since you SMB likely have a lot less data, you could get started much faster.


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Reduce Upfront Investment

The thing is managing your small data, IT, privacy controls, man power is whole lot of upfront investments, development, administration and time.

You can allocate that to third parties who then just give you insights and recommendation without handing over data irresponsibly.

So the team at BJM, BJ Mannyst, introduce these simple analytics solutions [Business Analytics as a Service (BAaaS) & Marketing Analytics as a Service (MAaaS)] for SMB to assist them in improving performance and thriving. All done securely and confidentially.


  • Startups / Small Medium Business Companies that want to gain quick insights and recommendations
  • That do need frequent and flexible analytical insights out of their data
  • Have neither time nor resources to derive quality insights from their data
  • Companies who just want to assess their strategies
  • Companies that don’t want to deal with the IT and maintenance


Delivers analytics results in the form of spreadsheets / reports / power point / word / pdf / dashboards within days or even hours )

(***the more complex the longer it takes!

  • Visualization with charts and graphs
  • Possibility to drill down, pivot and filter data to get additional insights
  • Power BI reports and dashboards if applicable
  • Reports and charts with detailed information
  • Live data analysis if applicable
  • Highlights of important facts and trends
  • Excel or Google Sheets tables
  • Pivot tables for each analyzed aspect
  • Visualization with charts and graphs



Why use Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Digital Analytics, Assessments, Audits Now? Just imagine you have one chance to turn your business into profitability in next few months, would you not want to assess as much scenarios / options before you take action? The team at BJM,BJ Mannyst, provide that critical insight and recommendation so you can make better decision.


We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and others in making better decisions.


The more complex the more time it takes.

Security & Confidentiality

We take this seriously and hope you do. We may recommend anonymize your data if necessary. Access and transmission is always done with encryption. We may utilize secure on-premises platforms and cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or Other).


Before you reach out or message us. Ask yourself:

  • You don’t have the time to do it yourself?
  • It’s too complicated?
  • Got too much data?
  • Need to generate actionable insights faster?
  • Not sure how to use metrics, charts, industry insights, research, and etc to apply to strategy development?
  • It’s too expensive to hire a full time IT admin, Data Scientist, Data Collection, Data Cleaning?
  • Not sure what to do and you rather outsource it?


You are welcome to choose either a pay-as-you-go or a monthly subscription

Price is based on:

  • The number of data sources
  • Initial data quality and structure
  • Complexity of required reports
  • The setup and maintenance
  • The required manpower and expertise
  • Data management activities
  • Access to self-service analytics tools.
  • Regular reports (optional)
  • Different format of reports (optional)
  • Deep analysis (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, etc.).(optional)

Analysis & Analytics 101


It’s important to remember the below content is a general process outline for both BAaaS & MAaaS. It may change for different clients / needs.

Business Analysis as a Service (BAaaS)

Solution Scope & Requirement

  • Understanding the business vision, drivers, goals and objectives for the new or changed business system
  • Identify requirements stakeholders, planning and conducting requirements elicitation session

Requirements Analysis

Clarifying and deriving additional requirements

  • Prototyping and providing a visual model of proposed solution
  • Requirements Specification
  • Preparing the requirements specification documentation
  • Requirements Documentation

Requirements Validation

  • Presenting documentation to business & technical stakeholders
  • Receiving their approval that the solutions are complete

ANALYTICS 101: Some Types of Analytics

Customer Analytics

Analytics can deliver insights to help you better understand your customers and markets. So that you can serve them more effectively.

Analytics Information Management

You might have realized that we are accumulating more information in business. So the importance of information & technological systems becomes critical.

Analytics Performance Marketing

All that marketing efforts needs to be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency.

Analytics services

Your business is your baby doesn’t mean you blindly support it. Analytics helps with the big picture so that your baby will succeed.

Social Analytics

Google Analytics
Facebook Analytics
Instagram Analytics
LinkedIn Analytics
Twitter Analytics
YouTube Analytics


Descriptive Analytics
Diagnostic Analytics
Predictive Analysis
Prescriptive Analytics
Cognitive Analytics

What are the steps involved?

The steps will vary from business to business. Our focus is early to growing service organizations, which means we can go through it within a shorter period. As long as they allow access to necessary material and resources.

If you need someone to take a look at your service business, reach out to us. We have quick & dirty assessment, and we have more in-depth ones. Contact Us with your needs.

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